Infusing Oxygen into the skin is a phenomenal addition to your skin care! Here at Buzz and Bliss Salon and Spa, we provide Oxygen facial services as either an add on to your skin treatment (Facial, Peel, Microderm, Dermaplane, Waxing) or, to be booked on its own as a quick 15 or 30 minute treatment!

First, lets go over what an Oxygen machine actually does and why Oxygen is good for your skin. As we know, Oxygen is essential for your body, but did you know it also plays a HUGE factor in the health of your skin. In order for any of your cells to properly function, they need to be provided with Oxygen. With every breath we breathe, we are Oxygenating our cells with about 18% Oxygen. Oxygen alone is antibacterial AND calming for the skin, which is already a major plus.

Here at Buzz and Bliss, our “Oxygen facial” method is made possible with a state of the art Oxygen machine, and an airbrush wand that slowly passes over every inch of your skin with a cool, high (yet comfortable) pressured mist. With an Oxy machine, you are infusing your skin with a high pressure of 90-95% pure Oxygen, which is an AMAZING boost to start ridding toxins and pushing your skin in a healthier direction! Not only do you get to infuse your skin with LIFE, but you also get to target a specific skin concern by incorporating a vitalizing serum. Whether you’re concerned about aging, uneven skin tone, dry skin, acne, scarring and healing or irritation, there is likely a serum directed towards your concern! Did you know, that often, skin care products carry ingredients that have a molecular structure too large to even pass into the layers of our skin? Sure, some may make your skin feel soft and hydrated, but is it actually FIXING the problem, or just masking it? The answer is most likely masking, because you are not getting to the root of the issue! The high pressure blast of pure Oxygen is allowing the molecular structure of your serum to be broken down small enough to reach DEEPER into your epidermis (outer skin layer) so that it can be absorbed more effectively.

Excitingly enough, Oxygen treatments have no downtime! Instead of leaving the skin vulnerable and exposed, Oxygen leaves the skin instantly plump, hydrated and glowing! These treatments are a great service to add into your monthly facial (yes, you should all be seeing your esthetician regularly for facials) or, in-between facials for upkeep! The Oxygen application itself takes 15-30 minutes and should be infused as often as a couple times a week, once a week, or monthly! Depending on money, time and how problematic the skin issue is, will depend on how often you receive the treatment. Your esthetician will be able to determine and recommend a good upkeep schedule. Remember, your esty is your bestie!

*15 minute Oxygen Treatment (can be booked alone or as an add-on to a skin service)- $20

*30 minute Deluxe Oxygen Treatment (booked alone)- $37 (Includes face cleanse, oxygen infusion, customized topical treatment)