Flu Season is Just Around the Corner

massage lympatic drainage massage

This year, allow Buzz and Bliss a Salon and Spa to get you through cold and flu season with Lymphatic Drainage Massage! Thanks to our highly educated and trained Massage Therapists, John and Aggie, we are able to offer a way to kick start fall, and your immune system! Purchase 2 massages for only $99.  For this to be the most beneficial we suggest that you come in 4 weeks between massages.

When Fall begins to creep in, we quickly find ourselves surrounded by coughing, sneezing, runny noses and all of the other exciting symptoms of flu season. We begin reaching for the Emergen-C packets to fight it off, but how helpful are vitamins if our bodies cannot properly get rid of bacteria, toxins, and waste? Often, Massage is seen mainly as a method of relaxation. However, the world of Massage Therapy goes far beyond relaxing and “getting knots out”. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is one out of many massage styles that has a more specific “healing” job.

The Lymph system is our bodies waste filter. Lymph nodes specifically, filter through the fluid that the rest of the lymphatic system (vessels) brings in by attacking and destroying foreign bacteria and viruses. Many times, our Lymphatic system can become backed up. When backed up, we tend to feel sluggish, swollen, tired and more susceptible to colds and infections. This is where Lymphatic Massage can be extremely beneficial. Although these vessels are fragile, when pressure is applied with a specific gentle and circular motion, our lymph system is stimulated to work more efficiently. A more efficient Lymphatic System not only frees pathways to ensure proper waste drainage, but this then improves our overall body health as well. Whether looking for instant, or long term benefits with Lymphatic Drainage Massage, we are accomplishing both by assuring we do not allow bacteria back into our bloodstream!

Though beneficial for many reasons all year, a highly recommended time to receive Lymphatic Massage is when we head into those colder months. Why is that? Well, the leaves begin to fall, and so do our immune systems! Another common reaction from the Summer to Fall weather change, is the sluggish effect it has on our bodies. There is something about Summer weather that gives us the energy and liveliness we unfortunately lack in those colder months. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a great way to take on the flu season and put a little pep back in our step!


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Give your damaged hair a second life….

It's here ResistanceIs your hair damaged from blow drying, flat ironing or just worn down from the elements? Whatever the case, we can fix it. Kerastase Resistance Thérapiste is the new hair care line specifically designed for severely damaged or over-processed hair. It includes a shampoo, conditioner, serum and masque all aimed at resurrecting your hair and giving it a second life. The secret of course, is in the science.
For years, we thought that hair was only composed of ceramides and keratin. KAPs (Keratin Associated Proteins) are tiny proteins that link and bond keratin together. 50% of hair is made by KAPs. When hair becomes damaged, these proteins disappear. The formulas of Resistance Thérapiste are enriched with FIBRA-KAP™, a powerful complex designed to compensate for the missing KAPs in damaged hair and RESURRECTION SAP, an extract from a plant able to come back to life after 10 years of near death.

Give your damaged hair a second life with Kerastase Resistance Thérapiste. Purchase all 4 Kerastase Resistance Thérapiste products and receive a Kerastace styling product FREE until 7-15-15

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Now Available at Buzz & Bliss

neck cream jan marini

Now available at Buzz & Bliss is Jan Marini’s new rejuvenating neck cream.  Clinical studies show how this cream can help with anti-aging in the neck area.

  • Visibly improves the signs of aging in the neck area A revolutionary anti-aging cream specifically formulated for the delicate neck area. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases, refine skin texture and increase hydration.
  • Eliminates crepey skin and improves texture
  • Softens the appearance of deep wrinkles and creases
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Potent anti-aging and skin nourishing ingredients provide dramatic anti-aging benefits
  • Skin regains a smoother, more refined appearance
  • Improves definition in the jaw area
  • This is a great product! I can definitely see and feel the difference in my neck since I have started using the neck firming cream. I have seen a noticeable change in the sagging, and the texture of my neck, and it has also evened out my skin tone. My neck definitely looks firmer and I am very happy with the results. Thank you, GREAT PRODUCT! Myrlin T.

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You’re Invited

10 years EXTRA large invitation final website

We are so excited to be hosting our 10th Anniversay Open House.  We want to take this evening to show our appreciation to our clients that have made us sucessful and to our talented staff that service your beauty needs.  We look forward to seeing you!

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Customer Appreciation Day Friday, March 7

The store front view of product wall.

Our “First Friday Customer Appreciation Day” is right around the corner.  At “First Friday” you will receive 10% to 20% select retail products.   Every person who purchases a product on Friday will have their name entered into a drawing for a free 60 minute massage.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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