Meet Kimberly, our amazing hairstylist

Kimberly is a platinum level stylist and is a 12 year professional at Buzz & Bliss a salon and spa.

 How did you know you wanted to become a hairstylist?

Strangely enough, my mother suggested that being a hairstylist would be a good profession for me and it instantly made sense. When I was a growing up, I was constantly changing my appearance through either hair, makeup and/or clothing. After taking a tour of a local Cosmetology School, I knew it was meant for me and I was enrolled within the month! Here I am, 18 years later and I am not ashamed to admit my mother was right all of those years ago!

What is your favorite service?

I have truly enjoyed all aspects of being a hairstylist. From colors and cuts to waxing and makeup! However, I would have to say that finishing the style is my favorite part as I get to see the hair transformation.

Who and why in the industry inspires you the most?

There is no one particular fashion icon that has inspired me. My inspiration varies from day to day. One day it could be a certain song or musical artist, another the sunset or even a great article in a fashion magazine. I like to take a little piece from all things that I find beauty in and apply it to my profession.

What advanced education have you done over the years?

The most recent training I have had involves hair styling, makeup trends and techniques, formal up-do classes, and using the highlight technique of balayage. However, I have had a broad spectrum of extended focus training over my 18 years in the industry.