October is Pumpkin Time

At last, October has arrived! It’s time to pull out our fall boots, watch the leaves change colors and indulge in pretty much EVERYTHING Pumpkin! Sure, we know delicious Pumpkin is, but did you know how amazing it is for your skin? Here at Buzz and Bliss for the month of October, receive a FREE small Pumpkin Cleanser and Pumpkin Foot Soak with one of our 60 minute Signature Spa Facials! 

If we don’t have you sold yet, lets dive into why Pumpkin is a skin savior! Whether you are wanting to target dry, tired, sun-damaged, aging or oily and problematic/scarred skin, you are going to want to renew and REPAIR it. Pumpkin is perfect for that because it is LOADED with vitamins.

Vitamin A: Pumpkin is extremely potent in Vitamin A. If you’re unfamiliar with the topical benefits of vitamin A, you are missing out! This same vitamin is where retinol comes from, which is universally known as the mother of dead skin turnover, making it IDEAL for aging, acne, acne scarring. A is going to bring its A-game in healthy skin. Say goodbye to old gross dead skin cells and hello to new fresh ones!  

Vitamin C: Another benefit of pumpkin is that it is rich in vitamin C, which is the antioxidant super hero. Vitamin C is a great way to repair damage and fight free radicals! This vitamin is not only going to be perfect for sun damaged skin due to it’s amazing healing capabilities, but it’s also going to be crucial when it comes to anti-aging. C promotes the production of collagen in the skin, which is what keeps it healthy and firm!

Vitamin E: Another amazing antioxidant! Vitamin E is really great for fighting free radicals, and preventing damage while healing past damage. E is going to aid in protecting the skin from harmful sun rays and is going to be beneficial towards burns, stretch marks and scarring. 

Zinc: There are so many cool things about Zinc when it comes to healthy skin! Zinc is not only extremely healing, but also a pretty beneficial mineral when it comes to acne. While it acts like an antioxidant, it also helps maintain sebum (oil). Contrary to what many Acne prone people assume, your skin NEEDS some oil! (Drying your skin out to rid your acne is only going to make it angry!) Zinc also aids in reducing skin irritation and inflammation! 

Now, it’s important to know that although Pumpkin does great with most skin types, it’s not always for everyone! Here at Buzz and Bliss, we offer an Anti-Aging Pumpkin Facial and a mild Yam and Pumpkin Peel. If you’re not already seeing one of our Estheticians and you’re unsure, feel free to book a FREE Skin Consultation with one of our skin care professionals and see if one of our Pumpkin Treatments are right for you!