Giving to the arts

Dear Friends of Buzz & Bliss,

We are always honored to give back to this amazing community that we live in.  This past fall we have given silent auction gifts to the Larimer County Humane Society Gala…we all love pets and the Hospice event held at the new CSU stadium to raise money for their children’s garden that Hospice intends to build. Most recently we donated our time and talent to Hope Lives a local breast cancer awareness program doing the hair and makeup for their photo shoot for Style Magazine and gala.  Our funnest and most creative community activity that we are proud to be a part of is Artwear held at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins in October.  This event allows us to be creative with hair and make up without, out doing the amazing clothes that are being modeled and sold to raise money for arts at the Lincoln Center.  Our amazing friends, Gary and Carol Anne Hixon work so hard to put this great event together.  Now we can say they are our local celebrities as October 17 in Fort Collins will be know as Gary and Carol Anne Hixon Day for years to come.   Enjoy a few of our photos from the night and check out our facebook page for more photos.

Enjoy the season of giving Thanks!

Thank you for your patronage and support of Buzz & Bliss for the past 13 years!

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Experience Buzz & Bliss…Here are some of our 5 star reviews

My appointment with Kimberly was excellent! She was so personable and listened to what I wanted, while offering helpful suggestions when I asked. I felt no pressure in choosing a particular style or way to cut my hair, but felt that the advice was there when I wanted or needed it. It was nice to be able to have a great conversation while getting my hair cut and it made it personal and relaxed. It was also wonderful to be able to donate my hair to Locks of Love. I love that you all do that and offer it as a possibility! Thanks!

by Nancy Choun on 05/12/2017

An EXCELLENT experience, and I love my new haircut. Dioare took care of me. She gave me an excellent shampoo head massage, and a great cut. She was delightful to work with. I’ll definitely be back & already have my next appointment scheduled. I’ll be referring your salon and Dioare. P.S. I loved the little gift bag and samples that were given to me at the end of my appointment

by Lori Weeldreyer on 04/29/2017

John is always kind and caring. He gives a great massage.

by Sarah Parman Stimely on 04/22/2017

Buzz and Bliss was above and beyond any of my past experiences. It is such a calming and peaceful retreat with so many extra special touches; I really felt very pampered. My massage with Aggie was wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic, and I’m already looking forward to returning for another one! I would recommend Buzz and Bliss and Aggie to anyone without reservation. Thank you for such a memorable experience.

by Sheri Dron on 04/09/2017

I think Shawna is great! She’s friendly, kind, and talented at what she does. She will always have my business. Thank you Shawna!

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Fall Color Trends

2016 Fall Hair Color Trends

Here at Buzz and Bliss we are so excited it’s Fall! Why? New seasons means new TRENDS! Whether or not you’re excited about the temperature drop headed our way, the fashion and beauty industry do a great job at giving us something to look forward to (and not to mention, motivation to change up our look)!  Let’s take a look into the Top 5 Hair Color trends we at Buzz and Bliss are looking forward to seeing this Fall!

Rainbow Bangs

Rainbow bangs are SUCH a fun trend this year! With this look, you can either create a subtle pop of color, or go wild! Who says it has to be permanent either!? With styling products such as Loreals Hair Chalk, you can change up colors all season, or experiment and make a bold statement without the commitment!


2015 brought us a lot of vibrant, loud and fun hair colors. This year, we can look forward to keeping the rainbow trend alive! Except this time, a much more toned down version. Giving your ends a subtle pop of color is the perfect way to create a gentle yet fun look this Fall!


The “Bronde” (Brown Blonde) trend took over last year! Now, the “Bronde” trend is still very alive and well this year, but in 2016, we can except to see the “Ronze” trend as well. Ronze is going to be a mixture of copper red and bronze brown. Not only does this create the PERFECT beautiful fall hair color, but it does well with all complexions!


The Eggplant Hair Color trend is ideal for Brunettes who want to change it up, but stick with their natural darkness! Being a brunette can often feel much more limiting with hair color than blondes since vibrant colors are much more of a process (and damaging!). The eggplant look, allows brunettes to stay within the dark brown family, but still giving it a deep, rich purple glow! Since this trend was wildly popular in the 90’s, and with the rise of 90’s fashion making a comeback, it’s no surprise it’s resurfacing!


“Babylights” is a 2016 Fall Hair trend for pretty much anyone! The term “Babylights” is a highlighting technique where you apply color to very fine strands throughout the hair. This look is a great way to add more dimension to your hair while also still giving you a very natural looking color boost! Another plus with Babylights, is the relaxed upkeep! We all swooned over the ombré and balayage hair trends due to their minimal upkeep and we can expect a more natural grow-out with this trend as well!

Which Fall Color hair trends will you try out this year!? Unsure? Book a FREE hair consultation with one of our trendy stylists at Buzz and Bliss to help you decide what style is best for you! Mention this blog and receive a complimentary dose of Olaplex added to your complimentary.  Normally $15.00


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October is Pumpkin Time

At last, October has arrived! It’s time to pull out our fall boots, watch the leaves change colors and indulge in pretty much EVERYTHING Pumpkin! Sure, we know delicious Pumpkin is, but did you know how amazing it is for your skin? Here at Buzz and Bliss for the month of October, receive a FREE small Pumpkin Cleanser and Pumpkin Foot Soak with one of our 60 minute Signature Spa Facials! 

If we don’t have you sold yet, lets dive into why Pumpkin is a skin savior! Whether you are wanting to target dry, tired, sun-damaged, aging or oily and problematic/scarred skin, you are going to want to renew and REPAIR it. Pumpkin is perfect for that because it is LOADED with vitamins.

Vitamin A: Pumpkin is extremely potent in Vitamin A. If you’re unfamiliar with the topical benefits of vitamin A, you are missing out! This same vitamin is where retinol comes from, which is universally known as the mother of dead skin turnover, making it IDEAL for aging, acne, acne scarring. A is going to bring its A-game in healthy skin. Say goodbye to old gross dead skin cells and hello to new fresh ones!  

Vitamin C: Another benefit of pumpkin is that it is rich in vitamin C, which is the antioxidant super hero. Vitamin C is a great way to repair damage and fight free radicals! This vitamin is not only going to be perfect for sun damaged skin due to it’s amazing healing capabilities, but it’s also going to be crucial when it comes to anti-aging. C promotes the production of collagen in the skin, which is what keeps it healthy and firm!

Vitamin E: Another amazing antioxidant! Vitamin E is really great for fighting free radicals, and preventing damage while healing past damage. E is going to aid in protecting the skin from harmful sun rays and is going to be beneficial towards burns, stretch marks and scarring. 

Zinc: There are so many cool things about Zinc when it comes to healthy skin! Zinc is not only extremely healing, but also a pretty beneficial mineral when it comes to acne. While it acts like an antioxidant, it also helps maintain sebum (oil). Contrary to what many Acne prone people assume, your skin NEEDS some oil! (Drying your skin out to rid your acne is only going to make it angry!) Zinc also aids in reducing skin irritation and inflammation! 

Now, it’s important to know that although Pumpkin does great with most skin types, it’s not always for everyone! Here at Buzz and Bliss, we offer an Anti-Aging Pumpkin Facial and a mild Yam and Pumpkin Peel. If you’re not already seeing one of our Estheticians and you’re unsure, feel free to book a FREE Skin Consultation with one of our skin care professionals and see if one of our Pumpkin Treatments are right for you!

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Meet Kimberly, our amazing hairstylist

Kimberly is a platinum level stylist and is a 12 year professional at Buzz & Bliss a salon and spa.

 How did you know you wanted to become a hairstylist?

Strangely enough, my mother suggested that being a hairstylist would be a good profession for me and it instantly made sense. When I was a growing up, I was constantly changing my appearance through either hair, makeup and/or clothing. After taking a tour of a local Cosmetology School, I knew it was meant for me and I was enrolled within the month! Here I am, 18 years later and I am not ashamed to admit my mother was right all of those years ago!

What is your favorite service?

I have truly enjoyed all aspects of being a hairstylist. From colors and cuts to waxing and makeup! However, I would have to say that finishing the style is my favorite part as I get to see the hair transformation.

Who and why in the industry inspires you the most?

There is no one particular fashion icon that has inspired me. My inspiration varies from day to day. One day it could be a certain song or musical artist, another the sunset or even a great article in a fashion magazine. I like to take a little piece from all things that I find beauty in and apply it to my profession.

What advanced education have you done over the years?

The most recent training I have had involves hair styling, makeup trends and techniques, formal up-do classes, and using the highlight technique of balayage. However, I have had a broad spectrum of extended focus training over my 18 years in the industry.

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